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Allie Finds Out if Drew Wants Out of the Friend Zone

Allie has been wondering if her best friend, Drew, is trying to get out of the friend zone. So, Jeff and Jenn find out!

August 11, 2016

It’s a special edition of Where is This Relationship Going because we’ve been talking to Allie and she thinks her friend, Drew, is trying to get out of the friend zone. She wanted to know for sure if Drew was really interested in her, so Jeff had the idea to call Drew and ask him where the relationship is going, or in this instance, could go.

We Talk to Allie about Where the Relationship is Going with Drew

Jeff and Jenn call Drew and let him know Allie is wondering where their friendship is going and if it could ever be more than a friendship. He says she’s one of the best people he’s ever met, but they’re best friends and he doesn’t want to ruin that. That’s when Jeff and Jenn get a little deeper with Drew and ask him even tougher questions.

Does Drew Want to Get Out of the Friend Zone?

Jeff and Jenn were so frustrated at how indecisive Drew is. Allie told them it’s always been like this, so now they know how frustrated she’s been. She’s not a make the move type of person, but neither is he!

Allie is Frustrated with Drew's Indecision

Our callers are just as frustrated! Jennifer in McDonough thinks that if they were go get in a relationship, Allie will have to make every decision for the two of them. But, Kathy in Marietta thinks that Drew might be gay.

Calls on Allie and Drew