Friend Zone

Can a Guy Get Out of the Friend Zone?

Allie has a problem because she thinks her best friend may be interested in something more.

August 10, 2016

UPDATE: Looks like Allie's down for Jeff's idea. Time to see where this relationship is going with Allie and Drew. Stay tuned, we're finding out all the details from Drew tomorrow!

Allie is Game for Where is This Relationship Going!

Does Allie really want her bestie to escape the friend zone or is it a comfort zone thing? We caught up with Allie today and she told us how her date went. She liked the new guy, but she ended up talking to her Drew later that night!

Ali's Update on the Friend Zone

Jeff had a great idea to help her finally solve this issue, but we had some listeners call in with their own advice. Will she take Jeff's advice or our listeners?!

Listeners' Advice on Ali and the Friend Zone

Is it possible to escape the friend zone? We talked to Allie, who thinks her long time guy friend might be trying to make moves away from the friend zone. He's driving all the way up from Florida to hang out, pretty safe to say he's definitely trying. 

Stuck in the Friend Zone

Don't people say marrying your best friend is key? Check out the advice our listeners gave Allie & find out how she plans to confront the situation...or not.

Calls on Stuck in the Friend Zone