The Jeff & Jenn Show's Binge-Worthy Bracket!

March 12, 2017

We all do it. Sometimes in the privacy of our room late at night. Sometimes we take a sick day to do it. Sometimes we do it all weekend.

We binge watch! We binge watch on Netflix, we binge watch on our DVR, whatever our method, we hear about a show that everyone loves, and that we missed out on, and we binge watch.

But not every show can be binge-worthy to every person. So tell us your favorites! This is The Jeff & Jenn Show's Binge-worthy Bracket! The top shows go head to head in matchups and then advance to face off against other shows. You know, kinda like that basketball tournament going on right now. :-)

Vote on your favorite, most binge-watching worthy TV shows now!

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