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LOOK INSIDE: This Photo of a Shoe Is Taking the Internet By Storm

Remember back in 2015 when we all became obsessed with the debate over that dress? It was debate if that dress posted to the internet was white and gold or blue and black? Well, now we have a shoe that is taking the internet by storm. _informq.push(['embed'>); A UK woman posted an image of the shoe... Read More

WATCH: Charlie Puth Almost 'Spilled His Guts' on Network TV

It’s not every day that one of our favorite pop stars almost vomits on network TV, but it almost happened last night when Charlie Puth appeared on the Late Late Show last night (October 11). The 25-year-old singer participated in a segment called “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” on the program... Read More

WATCH: Jeopardy! Champion Austin Rogers Is Everyone's New Favorite

Sorry, Ken Jennings , we have a new favorite Jeopardy! contestant. Have you been tuning into Jeopardy! each night to watch this returning champion? Austin Rogers, the reigning 11-day champion of the syndicated TV program who has won $394,700 so far, has quickly won over the hearts of millions of... Read More

Goodbye Coach Brand, Hello Tapestry?

Ladies, listen up! A brand that may be one of your favorites is about to get a new name. In fact, fellas may want to listen up before they start holiday shopping. The Coach Company of New York , a designer primarily known for luxury bags and other leather goods, will be getting a new name next... Read More