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Whether you're a parent or not, or whether you were bullied in school as a child, we all know the problem still exists. And not only is it still around, but today's technology has made bullying a 24/7 problem for some kids. How can parents help? How can schools help? If you'd like to add your... Read More

#BLESSED: Jenn's Feeling Blessed

In today's special edition of #BLESSED, Jenn wanted to thank everyone who has supported Reese's MaGIC Fund through purchasing our Hashtag Blessed t-shirts, and afterwards we got a surprise call from a very supportive group of listeners. Thank you to everyone who has helped so far. And if you haven'... Read More

Purposity: Help For the Holidays

You've asked how YOU can help & here's YOUR chance. We have another family who needs us. This Dad, who has always taken care of his family, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. The medical bills have piled so high the family lost their home. They need clothes for their two kids &... Read More

Monday Morning Rap Battles: Holiday Cheer

Will JP keep his crown? Jeannine's feeling under the weather, but she may just give him a run for his money. And as for Jeff? Well, Jeff is entertaining as always. Monday Morning Rap Battles: Holiday Cheer (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-media-loading]')); })(... Read More

Breaking and Entering

UPDATE: Well, we did it! We broke, we entered and we made Christmas happen where it wasn't going to happen this year. That's about all we can tell you about it. Watch how it all went down here: Video of The Jeff & Jenn Show's Breaking & Entering Christmas - Star 94.1... Read More

LISTEN: G-Eazy Recruits Charlie Puth For 'Sober'

G-Eazy and Charlie Puth have linked up for a new track, “Sober.” RELATED: G-Eazy & Halsey are Ride-or-Die on New Track, 'Him & I' The song finds the rapper going on about the temporary highs of a night spent drinking, while Puth serves as the voice of reason singing the hook, “I know that I... Read More

Study Finds Kids Work Harder Dressed as Batman

If your child's favorite thing to do is dress up in their Batman costume, you're in luck. The October issue of Child Development is proving that the "Batman Effect" is most certainly real when it comes to helping kids concentrate. The study was conducted by Rachel E. White and Emily O. Prager who... Read More

LISTEN: Ellie Goulding Shares Holiday Cheer With 'O Holy Night'

Ellie Goulding is spreading the holiday spirit with her cover version of the traditional Christmas classic, “O Holy Night.” Listen to it below. The singer’s delicate trill adds a warmth and vulnerability to Goulding’s version of the Christmas favorite. In other good tidings this month for the... Read More

Louis Tomlinson Has Guys' Night Out In 'Miss You' Video

One Direction ’s Louis Tomlinson has a guys’ night out and tries to drown his sorrows in the music video for “Miss You.” POLL: Which One Direction Member Had the Best Debut Single? The colorful new clip finds the singer downing pints and shots with his buddies as the club-hop across town, all the... Read More

Meghan Trainor On How Her Boyfriend Changed Her Life

Meghan Trainor appears alongside Diddy , Fergie and DJ Khaled on the new FOX singing competition The Four: Battle for Stardom . At a press event, Trainor spoke about her new show and how fitness transformed her life — at the suggestion of her boyfriend, actor Daryl Sabara . WATCH: Charlie Puth on... Read More