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WATCH: Pink's Epic Performances on Saturday Night Live

Pop super star Pink ’s epic weekend rolled on this Saturday. The pop super star blew us away with her amazing performances on NBC’s Saturday Night Live . The 38-year-old singer hit all of her notes as she sang the emotional track “What About Us.” Pink appeared later in the show to perform the title... Read More

Office Lingo Bingo

Having trouble listening during work? Need a new way to compete with co-workers? Then Jeff & Jenn's Office Lingo Bingo is exactly what your workday needs. Download these 6 unique bingo cards and bring them to your next meeting, just try not to yell "BINGO!" too loudly. Download the PDF Here Read More

Supermarket Sweep Is Apparently Coming Back to Television

Get ready to shop 'til you drop! Supermarket Sweep IS coming back to TV. The show, which originally aired on ABC in the 1960s, featured shoppers in REAL grocery stores participating in the game show. You know.. answering questions about shopping, and racing down the aisles to fill their carts with... Read More

RECIPE: Amazing Teatime Apple Cake

Try this moist and nutty apple cake with your tea or coffee and a big dollop of whipped cream and you’ll think you are to-the-manor born! See our story and find all of our great recipes to hold your own Afternoon Tea! You can see the video on how to make apple cake here. PREP TIME: 15 minutes |... Read More

LOOK INSIDE: This Photo of a Shoe Is Taking the Internet By Storm

Remember back in 2015 when we all became obsessed with the debate over that dress? It was debate if that dress posted to the internet was white and gold or blue and black? Well, now we have a shoe that is taking the internet by storm. _informq.push(['embed'>); A UK woman posted an image of the shoe... Read More

WATCH: Demi Lovato Relives Her 'Camp Rock' Days With Joe Jonas

Demi Lovato loves her past and so do we. Sorry not sorry. The superstar sat down with two of her best friends to watch videos from her childhood including scenes from Camp Rock . The 25-year-old reminisces on the moment she fell in love with Joe Jonas and had to kiss him for the first time on... Read More

WATCH: Charlie Puth Almost 'Spilled His Guts' on Network TV

It’s not every day that one of our favorite pop stars almost vomits on network TV, but it almost happened last night when Charlie Puth appeared on the Late Late Show last night (October 11). The 25-year-old singer participated in a segment called “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” on the program... Read More