The $500 VISA gift card and $2,000 MegaFloors credit Mega-Tantrums - The Holiday Edition!

Brought to you by MegaFloors!



We have a winner! Charlie! Even a COOKIE couldn't calm poor Charlie down. Congrats Charlie!


It's that time of year... we flock to the Mall to stand in line for hours, send our children up to sit in the lap of that jolly old fellow and get that perfect amazing picture to use on our Christmas cards.

And then reality sets in. #ParentingForReal

And a Mega-Tantrum happens! Right in Santa's lap!

Well, it might not make the best Christmas card photo, but that Mega-Tantrum COULD win you a $500 gift card AND a $2,000 credit at MegaFloors! And that could take care of a huge chunk of your Christmas bills AND get you started on a new flooring project!

So find that picture you decided not to use on your Christmas card and upload it here for your chance to win!

And remember, YOUR child's face can be the ONLY face in the picture. Those are the rules! 

Contest Date Range: Friday, Dec 15th 2017 9:00am - Thursday, Dec 21st 2017 10:00am