How to Watch The Royal Wedding Like A Royal

Get inside Jeff & Jenn's Royal Wedding Viewing Party! At The Omni Hotel at The Battery Atlanta.


This Saturday morning the wait will be over!

We've been talking about it and dreaming about it and the Royal Wedding FINALLY takes place this Saturday morning.

We've got TWO WAYS for you to win your way into THE Royal Wedding Viewing Party in Atlanta... Jeff & Jenn's Royal Wedding Viewing Party!

There will be tea, crumpets, and other delicious bites served, while you guys watch THE wedding... live from England!

You can enter below. That's the first way.

OR, listen each weekday morning this week, and while you're at work with Heather Branch, for extra chances to win!

Jeff & Jenn will have your shot to win at 6:50 am, 7:50 am and 8:50 am... Heather Branch will have your shot again during lunch at 12:50 am! Just be the correct caller, or "give us a bell" as they say across the pond, at 404-263-0941 and you win!

TWO ways to win YOUR way into Jeff & Jenn's Royal Wedding Viewing Party this Saturday, May 19th at 6:15 am. Good luck!