Share Your Child's MEGA-Tantrum With Us And You Could Win $500!

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MEGA-Tantrums are a MEGA-fact of life as a parent. We’ve all seen the pics and videos our friends share on Facebook and Instagram. Kids smiling, wearing freshly pressed clothes. Laughing. 

Yeah, right. 

On the Jeff & Jenn Show's #ParentingForReal, we take the filter OFF of parenting. Perfection sucks, so we celebrate and laugh at what it's like to REALLY be a parent. 

Share your Mega-Tantrum moment with us and MegaFloors could reward you with some much-deserved RELAXATION... $500 to pamper yourself! #ParentingForReal



Contest Date Range: Tuesday, Mar 28th 2017 10:00pm - Monday, May 1st 2017 12:00am