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Friday, August 11th

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And young star ready for a one. News headlines at this in a great mood and feel inspired and when I have freon you're gonna be so inspired. This young girl are you ready for this brand she's eighteen years. Old now I don't like these stories is it's going to be an eight year old who has a better human being than me. She has done more in the eight years. And I've done in the four decades I sailed out of. That's okay right so inspiring okay what you need to know is that she and her brother had a heart conditions when they were young and and now at eight years old she is the youngest person to adverse scale. Africa's tallest mountains today. I hate saying she's crying next half the map can only yeah. Ray. Cyrus are. That's. Yeah I need you now. I'm Natalie I am. They have heights to the top of the mound though she's on a vacation and their family in Tanzania 191310. And 41 feet. I need real she's. I won't make a decision not to go to banana republic because the escalator at malls. I'm I'm fine. I'm sure that I'm sure they got what I need of it I'm Macy's. Oh my god they have seen eight year old Iraq seat getter from Punto gourd of Florida. So inspiring and noble I have an amazing story of sportsmanship. Recently there at 810 K in Maine and a tiny three year old named Jesse was about to winning for the second year in Cairo he was so close to the finish line until he collapsed. McNabb exhaustion and heatstroke I don't know. He was steps away so the guy in second instead of passing him he picked him up there. And ran with him and pushed him across it first. Hi I'm a big guy in in and out. He was in third last year third two years ago second place last year so he could have gotten first. Or his first time and instead he pushed him across. And you win it didn't even know for another hour because he was he was unconscious for another hour. And is it now would is that what really happened or it did it was a talent to get out of the way shabby. It passes and inside I. Guys it says selfless love that their race officials counted too they said normally they wouldn't allow vaccine not allegedly tied to other people adapt but they said that it was amazing and they decided to cure it so. Just so cool. I have a story about animals and you know how I'm the animals scores it was in the middle of summer and the friends for life animal rescue center. I had an air conditioner failure. And a hundred ads in five dogs in the shelter at the time and the average temperature was between 9500. Home. They had defines homes Foster homes for all of these animals. Until they can get the air conditioning fixed so they took to social media and asked people that tweet and re tweet and Sharon fazed by it. And and do anything they could to get the word out so these 105 animals can go somewhere safe during the heat wave. Well the community rallied huge. One guy showed up at the shelter with a portable air conditioner all. That every somebody else showed up with you know that frosty paws. Pet treats all yeah ice cream for your dog ran. Never seen that you know and it's like a little under the old school ice cream cup you'd get him in a mantra is going to that Italian ice and massage the paper top. That of her dogs and a couple wrote a check for 9500. Dollars. Which covered the amount of money needed to replace the finished home. She learned and people love animals. Even wanna see all those hot dogs. Really that's over ten minutes. We need and why it's yours stories especially ones that are happening in and around Atlanta. You know of any good news happening or people that should be honored for the good work they're doing their of the kindest they're suing to strangers let us know you can reach out to us through starting for a one Atlanta that some of well our face both Jeffs and Jen show. Our twitters or instant grams or anywhere ever again if you can't find us it's because we're trying to hide from him since. And jumpstart. It before one.