Ghost Hunting

Justina Pierce

Ghost Hunting: Stacy Wants to Help Her Friend

Stacy's friend Alicia keeps on going on dates but never gets a second. So she wants to find out why!

August 1, 2016

UPDATE: Jeff and Jenn got Todd on the phone, and Todd was hesitant to criticize at first. But once he got going, he had quite a bit to say! It seems like it all boiled down to Alicia’s very intense form of dating, complete with a business-like interview feeling. She had questions ranging from moving to kids, and he said felt more like a sales pitch. It was a bit too much for Todd it looks like, but does his explanation about Alicia make sense to BFF Stacy?

Ghost Hunting: Todd Says Alicia is Too Intense

Stacy definitely acknowledged that it sounded exactly like something Alicia would do, but being the best friend that she is she explained why Alicia acts the way she does and that her heart is in the right place. Thankfully Stacy still recognizes that something really needs to be said if Alicia wants to find her mister Right. Take Todd’s advice, Stacy, and let her know she just needs to chill out a bit to let the magic grow!

Ghost Hunting: Stacy Needs to Break It to Alicia

Stacy's friend, Alicia, has been going on date after date, but she isn't getting asked back out again. Stacy wants to know what she's doing wrong and why she isn't getting a second date. She thinks if we reach out to Alicia's most recent date, Todd, we can figure out what's really going on. 

Ghost Hunting - Stacy Wants to Help Her Friend Alicia