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A Bad Boss Christmas

Friday, December 15th
If you thought your boss was the WORST, would you still pitch in for an office gift for him?

Why Didn't Your Elf Move

Friday, December 15th
Sometimes Your Elf On The Shelf can't take their nightly trip. Why did your elf have to stay put for the night?

All The Feels

Friday, December 15th
Want to do good in the Atlanta area this weekend? We've got a few awesome causes you can help out!

Jenn's Got Jedi Jokes

Friday, December 15th
The Last Jedi is out in theaters today, and Jenn's got the jokes you need to make all your fellow nerds laugh.

Questions For The Ex

Thursday, December 14th
Jeff's friend was approached by his ex-wife's new man, who apparently needed some questions answered.