Jeff & Jenn’s $10,000 Give Back Giveaway with Delta Community Credit Union

Win $10,000 for your club or organization!


We’ve got $10,000 to award to YOUR school organization! How can you win? Simply by giving back to your own community.

It’s Jeff & Jenn’s $10,000 Give Back Giveaway with Delta Community Credit Union. Organize a service project in your school's community to give back to young people.  Think "Kids Helping Kids" for your service initiative! We will reward the very BEST with $10,000 for your school organization.

This is an opportunity for any school organization to give back and receive in grand fashion. So, what’s next? Get organized and start planning your community service project. Then do it! Get all your kids involved and hands-on in helping make their world a better place. Lastly, tell us about what you did below. Follow the instructions in the email you receive once you've entered.

We will award the top 5 schools; four finalists of $1,000 and one grand prize of $10,000! Use that prize money on whatever you need… new uniforms? New band instruments? A competition trip? A new playground? You decide!

Good luck and thanks for making the switch to the Jeff & Jenn Show and Star 94.1!

With gratitude,

Jeff & Jenn

1) Tell your school organization about this contest!

2) Organize a community service project in your community and do it!

3) Tell us about your efforts by Oct 27, 2017 here.

Please fill out the form below when ready to enter: (if you can't see the digital form below, your school's network might be blocking it. Try and enter from your home computer and ISP.)


Contest Date Range: Wednesday, Aug 9th 2017 6:00am - Friday, Oct 27th 2017 5:30pm