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What A Season! | Heartbreak in The Benz...

The Georgia Bulldogs came SO close...

January 8, 2018

The disappointment may last for weeks, even months.

The Georgia Bulldogs lost the National Championship game Monday night to the Alabama Crimson Tide at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in a thrilling OT game.

The feeling from tonight will last all the way through the Fall. And the Dawgs will likely use that emotion of coming SO close, only to have it slip away, as fuel for every offseason workout, every drill, every practice. They'll hit the field with that fuel next season and likely be right back here.

That's what the great teams do.

That's what Alabama did last year. Clemson beat the Crimson Tide last year for the title, and Alabama used that fuel ALL year to get back to this point.

And it worked.

It's been 38 years since the Dawgs won a National Championship in football. 

It'll probably only be 1 year before they're back in range of one again.

It was an epic game that lived up to the billing. Two SEC powerhouse teams, head to head. One prize on the line. Overtime. A lead for the Dawgs in OT, if only for a play or two.

The Dawgs seemed to have Alabama well under control for most of the game. In fact, it seemed late in the 3rd quarter like this game was over.

But Alabama roared back in the 4th quarter, under the steady hands of freshman backup QB Tua Tagovailoa. A brilliant move by Coach Nick Saban to insert Tagovailoa in place of his starting QB at the start of the 2nd half. Not a move anyone saw coming, or even understood as it happened, seeing as how starting QB Jalen Hurts was 25-2 as a starter at Alabama.

But Hurts was having a hard time getting anything going in the game, as Georgia had prepared for him and had him under control. Love him or hate him, that's why Nick Saban is one of the best.

Georgia got to the title game in thrilling fashion.

After stumbling late in the season, with a huge loss at Auburn, many thought the Dawgs might have to settle for a New Year's Day Bowl game and a Top 5 finish for the year.

Which would have still been WAY overachieving for a second-year coach. Kirby Smart and the Dawgs caught a huge break with following week when Alabama lost to that same Auburn team.

So the Dawgs got their rematch. A showdown in Atlanta, in the very same stadium they played in Monday night, and boy did they get even. They took it to the Auburn Tigers and won the SEC Championship outright. 

That gave them a Top 3 finish and a guaranteed spot in the College Football Playoff.

We all know what happened out West, in the Rose Bowl, against Oklahoma and Heisman winner Baker Mayfield. The Dawgs pulled out a double OT win 54-48, setting up Monday night's battle with Alabama for the National Championship.

Mom's and Dad's that watched Georgia win the title in 1980, watched Monday night with their children. Men and women that watched as a teenager the last time the Dawgs won the title, sat tonight and watched the Dawgs compete for it again as they near retirement.

In living rooms all across Georgia, all across the South, Georgia Bulldogs fans, dressed in their red, black and white watched with baited breath every snap on Monday night... and many of them cried. Those videos, emotional as they are, will surface tomorrow.

Coach Smart has this program WAY ahead of schedule, and you can bet the Dawgs will be right back here again in the coming years.

It won't be 38 years before Dawgs fans can celebrate a National Championship again.