Break Up With Them For Me

Listen here to find out just how awkward our first try at this new segment went!
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Should They Break Up For A Year?

Should Carrie's serial monogamist boyfriend be free for a year before they commit?
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Where is This Relationship Going: Richie and Jamie

She's "man-fasting" but they're still snuggling, kissing, and getting all sorts of close. He wants more but is she feeling it?
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Ghosthunting with Rebecca and Austin

They had a spring fling over break. She was hoping it would be more, but he's not answering...
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A Ghosthunting Request from Rebecca: Is Austin for Real?

Rebecca and Austin met over Spring Break and hit it off! But now they're back in separate states, what happens now?
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Where is This Relationship Going: With Andi and Max

They're on a break according to her, but they're not according to him? And he knows something she doesn't know...
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Ghosthunting: Courtney and Ryan

They went on a couple of 2015, and now Courtney needs to know where they stand.
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Couple Mad

Where is This Relationship Going: Julia and Keith

Julia called in hoping to get some advice about her on-a-break guy Keith. They were together for six years until January when they decided on a break that would last a whole year! Cold turkey and no-contact. If they missed each other by the end of the year, then they’d get engaged and by married by...
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Jeff Mouth Guard

Mouth Guard Breakups

Yea, you heard it right -- Mouth guard break ups. Jeff read out some of the most commonly used lines used for break ups while wearing a mouthguard & Producer Kelly Cheese had to guess what he was saying. Either Kelly's been dumped more than she told us or she's got a past in the dental field we...
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Our Listeners Give Emily Advice on Her Overbearing Mom Friend

Emily and her best friend both became moms, and her best friend is constantly telling her what she is doing wrong in her parenting skills. It's to the point where Emily feels she's being harrassed so she is wondering if she should just drop her best friend altogether. Our listeners called in to...
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