Confess Your Crush: With Scott and Sarah

This one went totally sideways! She...she didn't want to know?
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I Can't Believe I Believed Them When...

What did your ex get you to believe that was TOTALLY obvious and you just didn't catch on?
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Hiding Your Resting B!#@h Face?

Jeff needs help! He has RBF and needs to know how to hide it when it matters most
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The Makeup Debate

Jenn's 4-year-old has a dance recital, should she wear make up?
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Ghost Hunting

A Ghosthunting Request: Rachel Hunting Keesha

Friends since high school, until Keesha just stopped replying. What's up with that?
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A Wedding Proposal Dumpster Fire

Proposing at a wedding without the Bride knowing? This cannot end well...
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LIfetime achievement awards

Lifetime Achievement Awards

If you were given a Lifetime Achievement Award right now, what would it be for?
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Jenn and Her Mom

Jenn is Becoming Her Mom!

It's the thing you never think will happen to you, the day you turn into your mom or dad. Jenn was on vacation with her hubby & the girls when she had the realization she's turning into her mom, Nancie. Her mom loves picking blackberries (even deemed herself the best blackberry picker of all...
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Holding Hands

Soulmates: Do They Exist?

Jenn doesn't believe in soulmates and she doesn't think she's alone here. Jeff believes and says a soulmate is "the one person on this planet that you find & go through the rest of your life together as one body & one soul." Jenn ain't buyin' it. Research shows people can meet "The ONE" at...
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Jenn and Family

Parenting 101: Listeners Give Jenn Advice

Jenn says her husband is being a pushover because he hates to discipline their daughters. So, Jenn feels like she always has to be the bad cop and lay down the hammer with her girls. Our listeners get the pain of being that bad cop, so they give her advice on how to find a balance.
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