New Mom

5 Myths of Motherhood: You're Not Crazy!

New moms can feel crazy, but you're not alone. Here are the 5 myths of motherhood: 1) A good mother needs to be perfect. Most new moms try to live up to unrealistic expectations, according to Cassie Owens, a licensed professional counselor in Dunwoody who specializes in maternal mental health. “...
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Bad Dog

Expensive Pet Peeves

Jeff talked about his dog Lily and how she just completely destroyed something of his, and our new intern, Alexa, said her cat pees on her mattress when the cat is mad at her. We had a listener call in talking about how her dog destroyed her dad's new $800 Ray-Bans, and she wasn't even supposed to...
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Dad and Kid Playing

Daddy Day Care: Listeners Share Their Crazy Stories

Jenn ranted about a dad who caught a baseball barehanded while holding his kid, and Jeff shared a story about what his friend did with his kid that was pretty crazy. So, our listeners called in with their own stories!
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Dad and Baby

Daddy Day Care: He Did What?!

The story got started when a dad at a Braves game caught a ball barehanded while holding his baby. That made Jenn so mad that she recorded her own rant! She couldn't believe that he would put the child's life in danger for a baseball. Jeff told his own story about what his friend did with his kid,...
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