Producer Donna Needs Help Online Dating!

Producer Donna has no time to go out and meet guys, so she thinks online dating could be good. This time, Donna was wondering what would be the perfect thing to say in her profile to get the kind of attention she wants. Producer Donna Needs to Know What to Put on Her Dating Profile (function ($) {...
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Millennial Date

Millennial Dating: Do They Really Want to Commit?

Producer David & Producer Kelly talk millenial dating with Jeff & Jenn. Is this the generation that wants to Netflix & Chill with no titles, attachments, or any lovey dovey nonsense? Are they just afraid of commitment? This blogger thinks so, and here is the article in which she states...
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Erin in Now an Insta-cougar!

It's always awkward when you accidentally 'like' a picture on Instagram, am I right? What about when it's 34 weeks back, you've been casually instagram stalking the guy, he's shirtlesss, and -oh yea- he's your sons friend?!?! Our cougar listener Erin gives us the scoop on their "innocent"...
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Worried in Relationship

Gina and Brad: Emotional Security vs. Financial Security

Gina wants Jeff and Jenn's help to find out where her relationship with Brad is going. They have been dating for a year and she loves him, but he hasn't given any hint that he wants to marry her and she doesn't want to waste her time. Where is Gina's Relationship Going? (function ($) { Drupal...
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Divorced and Dating

Dating after Divorce: When Are You Ready?

Jenn has a friend who has been dating a guy who has been divorced for only 5 months but is now starting to date again. Jenn thinks it may be a bit too soon, so that sparked a conversation on when it is a good time for someone to be emotionally ready to date after they are divorced. How Long to Wait...
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Bad Date

Ditch a Date: When Did You Bail?

Ever been on a date so bad you went to extreme measures to bail? Yea, we’ve been there too. Assistant Producer Kelly tells you about the time she intentionally got her bad date drunk and how it ended up saving her night.​ Assistant Producer Kelly Bailed on a Date (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors...
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Ghosthunting - Josh & Rebecca

Ghost Hunting: Josh Wants to Find Old Flame Rebecca

While on a break with his wife, Josh met Rebecca. They dated, had a special relationship, & Josh even says Rebecca HELPED him get back together with his wife. Then, Rebecca disappeared & Josh feels like she used him. Josh says they had a special connection & wants to know why she hasn’t...
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Bad Proposal

A Million Proposals: Nick Talks about Proposing to Lorie!

Lorie was on with us talking about how she gets proposed to every birthday by the same guy, Nick. She has always turned him down, but she is now thinking about saying yes because she is getting older. She said that he just needs to do somethings to make himself better first. Well today, we talked...
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Destiny or Creepy

Sweet or Creepy: Jeff and Jenn Decide!

After the debate on whether or not Travis chasing after Cassandra was sweet or creepy, Jeff and Jenn wanted to have listeners call in with their own stories! They told us a story about their own dates and it really could go either way. So after the story, Jeff and Jenn decided on whether they...
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Bad Date

Ghost Hunting: Listeners Decide if Carrie or Darren is Right

Carrie called in for Jenn's ghosthunting help because she felt ghosted by Darren after their first date. Darren said he ghosted Carrie because her adult brother lives with her, but Carrie says that's his own issue. Our listeners called in with a clear opinion on who they feel is in the wrong and...
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