First Date Awkwardness

Ghost Hunting: Darren Talks about His First Date with Carrie

Carrie felt like she was ghosted by Darren after their first date. She thought the date went really well, and Darren even kissed her after the date. But, she hasn't heard from him since their date. Jenn is our ghost hunter, and she hunted Darren down and got his side of how the date went. He felt...
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First Date

Ghost Hunting: Carrie's First Date with Darren

Carrie wants to put Jenn's ghost hunting skills to use. She went out on a date with Darren, and she thought they had a great time. He even leaned in to kiss her when the date was over. But since the first date, she hasn't heard from him and is wondering what went wrong. So, we put Jenn on the case!
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Wedding Ring

Lorie Lets Us Know about the Proposal!

We talked with Lorie about how she gets proposed to every birthday by the same guy. She has always turned him down, but she is now thinking about saying yes because she is getting older. She is thinking she should settle. So, she lets us know what went down this past weekend.
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Kyle and Shelby

She Said Yes to Prom!

Kyle goes to Campbell High School and wanted a cool way to ask his friend, Shelby, to prom. So, Kyle asked us if he could use our billboard to prompose to Shelby, and of course we had to help him out! Shelby saw it this morning on the way to school, and she said yes! JP Allen
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Jeff and Jenn

Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn - April 14, 2016

Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn is our post-show daily podcast. On today's podcast, Jeff talks about his single life before his fiancee, Callie, and how he got stuck in a "hairy" situation when going on a date with another girl. He then left the date to meet Jenn and her friends at the bar, and she...
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Jenn Wants to Be YOUR Ghost Hunter!

Jenn heard of a thing called "ghosting" where a person dates someone for several weeks or months, and then they totally disappear. So Jenn wants to be your Ghost Hunter! If this has happened to you, where you were dating someone and they just dropped off the planet, email Jenn at [email protected]
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Holding Hands

Lisa Responds to Brian's Public Poetry Pitch

Brian came on the show hoping to take Lisa out on a third date. He screwed up the first date by falling asleep during the movie, so he made it up to her by taking her on a second date. Lisa didn't totally feel it, so Brian wrote a poem for Lisa hoping that she would agree to a third date. Well,...
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Holding Hands

Public Poetry Pitch for a 3rd Date: Creepy or Sweet?

Brian has gone on two dates now with Lisa because we convinced her to give him a second chance after he fell asleep on their first date. She agreed to give him another chance and went on a second date, but she just wasn't feeling it. Brian really likes her, so he wrote a poem for her after hearing...
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