Jeff's Wife Calls Him Out

Jeff's wife, Callie, spoke out about a minor splinter incident that happened at the beach. Then, we got to hear Jeff's side!
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Awesomely Awkward: Clam Compliments

It all started when Kelly Cheese got a, uh, very personal compliment while getting a wax.
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Kelly's Mammogram

Kelly Cheese could use some support today as she heads into a bit of a worrisome doctor's visit.
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#BLESSED: Jenn's Feeling Blessed

Jenn got a surprise call today after talking about Reese's MaGIC Fund, and it'll have you feeling All The Feels.
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#AwesomelyAwkward: The Doctor's Office Edition

If you've ever had an awkward moment at the doctor's, you're definitely not alone.
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All The Feels

This week's stories cover Autism Awareness Day, doctors, and a hero's welcome home
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Why'd You Go To The Doctor?

What totally embarrassing thing did you have to take a trip to the doctor for?
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I Always Knew I Wanted To Be...

Jenn's daughter Lauren always says she wants to be a doctor and take care of babies. She's only three and Jenn's wondering, can kids know what they want to be when they're so young? I Always Knew What I Wanted To Be... (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-media-...
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Jeff Grossed Out by Jenn

Jenn Tries to Gross out Jeff

Jenn handed a little container to Jeff this morning with her dogs teeth in it! What, why did she have her dog's teeth ?! Gross! Jenn had to bring her dog, Caroline, to the vet to get her teeth cleaned and the vet took out some of her teeth that needed to be removed. Well, apparently people like...
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Jeff Goes to the Doctor

Jeff has a doctor’s appointment on the schedule and Jenn is impressed he’s made an appointment. She doesn’t think men go to the doctor for regular checkups like women have to, guys will go a long time without going to the doctor. Jeff doesn’t go all the time, but he will do an annual physical. He...
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