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Teachers! Win a $100 Ted's Montana Grill gift card!

Hey Teachers! You work HARD. And we can never thank you enough for everything that you do for our kids... BUT… we can send you to Ted’s Montana Grill with a $100 gift card, so you can unwind and treat yourself! ONLY teachers are in this contest for the month of April, and hey, we’re not exactly...
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Jeff's Gift Card Drama

Jeff was called a "vile, selfish criminal." Is Jeff in the wrong or was it the other guy's mistake?
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Meet Marino at the NEW Sprouts Farmers Market in Peachtree City!

Join Marino and Star 94.1 at Sprouts' new location in Peachtree City on Friday, August 5th from 11am to 1pm. We'll be giving away $25 Sprouts Gift Cards and other great Star 94.1 prizes! Be sure to visit for weekly specials. Sprouts Farmers Market. It's healthy living for less.
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