Jeff, Callie, and Kim Zolciak

Jeff Dauler: Reality Star?

Our own Jeff Dauler has an upcoming appearance on Kim Zolciak's show, Don't Be Tardy, on Bravo. Check out why he nearly panicked before doing his comedy bit and what jokes he used (& decided not to use) to roast Kim. Jeff Dauler: Reality Star? (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays...
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Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward

For years, Jeff's personal mission statement has been "Keep Moving Forward". He has used that ever since he started to train for a triathlon after being challenged to better his life. Jeff describes in detail how Keep Moving Forward became not only his mission statement, but also a life goal he...
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Health App

Jeff Saved a Guy's Life!

Jeff talked about adding his Medical ID on his iPhone through the Health app after Callie told him to do it. He then shared with everyone exactly how to do it, and it ended up saving a listener's life. Anthony called in to share his story about listening to Jeff and following those directions, and...
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Jenn Tells Jeff to Be Nice!

Jenn Tells Jeff to Be Nice...To Himself!

Jeff wrote a letter to himself after being inspired by Producer JP from our afternoon show, Drex, Cassiday, and Tingle. But Jenn thinks he was a little hard on himself and wasn't the nicest to himself. So, she interviews that Jeff to find out why he wrote himself in that way. For the Extra Ten,...
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Jeff Dauler

Jeff's Letter to Himself

Producer JP from Drex, Cassiday, and Tingle joined the show to talk about how he wrote a letter to himself shortly after he moved to Atlanta. It was a letter of reflection and encouragement to himself. Jeff was inspired after hearing JP's letter, so he decided to write his own to himself. Here's...
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Jeff and Jenn's Secrets Revealed

Jeff and Jenn's Secrets Revealed!

Jenn talked about wanting to start exercising with the help of the Couch to 5K app to lose her last little bit of baby weight. The thing is, she didn't want to tell her husband, Grant, because of the expectation. Jeff then revealed that he keeps a little secret from his fiancee, Callie. If she has...
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Jeff and Jenn Show

Fake Sweepers with Jeff and Jenn

There were some technical difficulties that happened in the show this morning, so we briefly moved to the other studio in the building. Well, some of our sweepers (which are the voices that introduce when we come back to the show) weren't airing so Jenn had to do a sweeper live. That gave Jeff the...
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn - March 18, 2016

Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn is our post-show daily podcast. Jenn had taken a quiz online to see which Real Housewife of Atlanta castmember she is, and the quiz said she was most like NeNe Leakes! So, she asked Jeff and David the same questions she had to answer to see their results to the quiz!...
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Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn - March 17, 2016

Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn is our post-show daily podcast. On the show, we had Lisa Kelly from Celtic Woman join us on a special St. Patrick's Day episode. We think that everything sounds nicer in an Irish accent, so we had Lisa read aloud insults that Jeff and Jenn have gotten on social media...
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Jeff and Jenn with Jeff's Tarot Card Reader

Jeff's Tarot Card Reader Joins the Show!

Jeff was going to get his tarot cards read, and he was totally skeptical about all of the paranormal stuff. Once he had his cards read, the things he was told were actually true! So he has become a true believer. But Jenn is still really skeptical about the whole idea. So, Jeff's tarot card reader...
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