Word to Your Mother

Are you a 'lit' mom? Is your slang 'on fleek'? Find out with our new favorite game!
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#ParentingForReal: Escaping the Kids Edition

This edition of #ParentingForReal focuses on all the clever ways parents hide from parenting
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Jeff Took a Tour

No matter where you are, no matter what you're doing, they will find you.
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Jeff's Veteran Surprise Story

Jenn loves hearing heartwarming stories about old people, and Jeff's weekend gave him the best story of all.
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Brag about your blessings! This week's anywhere from kids, to birthdays, to just having a clean living room.
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Lawrenceville Letter

A Letter From Lawrenceville

A concerned citizen wants to bar Jeff from performing in Gwinnett County...
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Keepin' Up With The Bidens

Keeping Up With The Bidens

Joe Biden's family tree is so confusing so we thought we'd ask, can your family beat his?
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Where Is This Relationship Going: With Bridget and Matt

They met on Tinder...
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JP and Shaq

Shaq Changed JPs Life

JP Met Shaq! And apparantly he said something that changed JP's outlook on life forever.
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Jenn's Message on Cyberbullying

Jenn got real with us today about her life, and the very real dangers of cyberbullying. We hope this will help even just one person to hear.
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