The Craigslist Price Is Right

Craigslist has the WEIRDEST job offers. The question is though, how much do they pay?
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He Had ONE Job

How did your man totally blow it on his ONLY job?
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Ghosthunting: Melanie and Leanne

Melanie got ditched by her friends for sunday dinner! But could they have been onto something?
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Kevin Gillespie Drops The Meat

Listen to renowned Chef Kevin Gillespie guess types of meat just by hearing it drop on a cutting board.
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Side Hustles

Our listeners have some crazy side hustles! From climbing towers to selling "well-worn" shoes and socks for a fascinatingly large amount of money.
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The Worst Summer Jobs

Boy did these people have some rough summers!
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What are you feeling grateful for today?
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I Always Knew I Wanted To Be...

Jenn's daughter Lauren always says she wants to be a doctor and take care of babies. She's only three and Jenn's wondering, can kids know what they want to be when they're so young? I Always Knew What I Wanted To Be... (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-media-...
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Not that Into You

Where is This Relationship Going - Is Misty into Scott?

Misty and Scott have exclusively been dating for four months. Misty has been offered a new job opportunity in Greenville, which is only two hours from Atlanta. But, Misty isn’t too sure if she wants to continue with this relationship. She wants to test the waters to see how Scott feels about them...
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Women in the Office

Cutthroat Women at Work: Mary's Drama with Her Mentor

UPDATE: Remember Mary from last week? She wanted a new job but in order to get it she'd have to throw a co-worker on the bus? We checked in with her this morning & Mary told us she didn't throw her co-worker under the bus & someone else in the office got the job. Bummer. But Jenn gave Mary...
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