kelly cheese

Bad Date

Ditch a Date: When Did You Bail?

Ever been on a date so bad you went to extreme measures to bail? Yea, we’ve been there too. Assistant Producer Kelly tells you about the time she intentionally got her bad date drunk and how it ended up saving her night.​ Assistant Producer Kelly Bailed on a Date (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors...
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Holding Hands

Cuffing Season is Over! Wait, What's Cuffing?

Cuffing is really a thing, and it's when people pair up for the winter months. After winter is over, they either continue a relationship or cut it off and go about their business. And it's that time of the year to un-cuff. Jenn had no idea that it was really something, so she gets schooled on...
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Jeff and Jenn Show

Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn - April 18, 2016

Meet Kelly Cheese! She is the newest assistant producer on the Jeff and Jenn Show. She has previous experience working in radio, and she actually won that job through a contest! She explains that and how she first met Jenn on today's episode of the Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn.
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