Cursed Tattoos

Couple's tattoos never really end well, do they?
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The VaJury: A Touchy Tattoo

His girlfriend has a tattoo of her ex's name that she refuses to cover, is that a deal breaker?
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I Still Don't Know Their Name

Ever have a friend for years before you learn their real name? You're not alone!
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Step-Mama Drama

This mom needs help! Her kids' step-mom is trying to FORCE the kids to call her mom.
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Confess Your Crush: Jake and Maritsa

Jake's got a crush on his old roommate! But why did he wait this long to tell her?
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Spelling BB&T

In honor of the BB&T Atlanta Open we give you: The funniest tennis spelling bee you'll ever hear.
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The Most Popular Baby Names

Whether you want to avoid your child having the same name as everyone else's or you just want them to fit in, this is good stuff to know!
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Story Time with Jeff: Why His Mother-in-Law Called Him Out

When Jeff's mother-in-law called him out about something he does, Jeff realized she was right. Story Time With Jeff (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-media-loading]')); })(jQuery);
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Family and Dog

She was Named after The Dog!

Jenn has a friend who just had a daughter, and she wanted to name her daughter after her dog! Her husband wouldn't let her give their daughter that name for her first name, but they did give her the middle name of Henley, the same as their dog. Our listener Erin called in saying her mother would...
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Baby Name Regrets: How Did You Screw It Up?

So you had your new bundle of joy, you picked out a name you loved, & now you don't love it. Wait... What?! Why?! These listeners actually changed the name of their babies, some even after A YEAR of their baby being born! Baby Name Regret: How Did You Mess Up? (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors...
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