Helping Neighbors with Purposity

UPDATE: Thank you Framily! We couldn't have done this without your generosity.
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Ghosthunting: Helen and Trevor

Helen has a neighbor with benefits and she wants to know why he suddenly ghosted on her.
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Jenn's The Worst Neighbor

Poor Jenn was stuck in a really awkward situation when she tried to give her neighbors a gift.
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Dramatic Readings of GA Power Complaints

People just need some perspective, man.
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Dramatic Readings From Nextdoor

Neighbors do the darndest things.
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What Odd Person Heard Your News First?

Was some random person the first to know you were pregnant? Did your intern tell you, before his own family, about a huge achievement?
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Callie Shows Us Kindness Costs Nothing

Jeff's heartfelt story about his wife reminds us all what a little kindness can do
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All the Feels

All the Feels - September 23, 2016

There's plenty of bad news out there so we like to dig up all the good news storis that'll give you all the feels! Today’s edition of "All the Feels" includes a touching story about a high school quarterback, a cat finding its way back home, and a woman who saved a child from a burning house...
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Jeff is Getting Dumpster Emails from His Neighbor

We all have THAT person in our neighborhood who takes the neighborhood watch a little too seriously. There's a man in Jeff's complex who has become the self-appointed dumpster king. He has sent multiple emails about specific items being thrown in the dumpster...very specific items. Jeff's...
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