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4 MUST-GO Places In Georgia!

This listicle is for my parents and for people, with or without children, that like an adventure. I’m sort of an adult and have enjoyed every bit of these places. But surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know they exist. 1. Wild Animal Safari Wild Animal Safari is the Nation’s BEST drive-through...
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Man Candy In Game Of Thrones

Some people... MOST people... watch Game of Thrones (GOT) for the drama and action. I, however, watch it for the men; the beautiful, beautiful men. I mean, who does the casting for this show? I’d like to write a letter to show my gratitude because I am sure that they are under appreciated. Now, I...
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If It's For Free, It's For Me!

5 places that give free things to students: Parents, college is expensive. Everyone always talks about what they can do for students but they don’t talk about how they can help the parents; the ones who are forking over tons of money every year. Well guess what? I’m going to tell you exactly how...
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