Awesomely Awkward: The Swimsuit Edition

Summer's finally here, and that means swimsuit season. So share your swimsuit fail stories with us!
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Adults Have Accidents Too

What else can you do when there's nowhere to go?
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The Albuquerque Mystery

How did they know where to go!? Jeff feels like he'll never know the truth
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Big Dave Leaves for the Philippines Tomorrow.

A few months ago Jeff opened up about his ongoing struggle with his brother, Big Dave, and the trip he's taking to meet a woman in the Philippines. Big Dave leaves for the Philippines tomorrow and Jeff told us what his Dad has to say about it. Big Dave Update 01.27.17 Part 1 (function ($) { Drupal...
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You Thought You Knew But You Had No Idea

Jeff told a story about his friend who didn't quite understand the meaning of the word "Visa." You Thought You Knew But You Had No Idea Part 1 (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-media-loading]')); })(jQuery); Off air Kelly Cheese told Jeff she had a similar mix...
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Worst Times to Travel for the 4th of July

When do you plan on hitting the road? We want to help you plan accordingly! With the Fourth of July approaching, we would like to ease your stress and give you the best times to travel. According to Waze, the best day to travel is July 2! The worse days to travel are: 1. Thursday June 30, 2016...
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