Injured Before The Wedding

Help warn JP about risky behavior so he doesn't walk down the aisle in a cast!
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The Wedding Invite Dilemma

Her invite to the wedding came with a sticky-note that should NOT have been left there. What should she do now?
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JP's Voicemails to Heidi

JP left Heidi voicemails during is Bachelor Party, and they're so hilarious that she sent them to us!
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Brilliant or Bonehead Bride?

She wants her bridesmaids to chip in for her dream wedding dress...brilliant? Or total bonehead?
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#BLESSED: The Father's Day Edition

Talk Daddy To Me! Tell us all about your dad and why he rocks.
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Best Man Hijacks Wedding By Proposing During Ceremony

This guy may be the "worst best man ever." Actually, he totally IS the worst best man ever. A recent bride wrote into Slate's advice columnist, "Dear Prudence," after her husband's best man totally hijacked her wedding. The best man (who is called " John" ) proposed to his girlfriend (who is called...
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