Embarassing Mommy Moments

"Your big a** can't fit into another dress"!
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My Mama Loves Drama

You may love your mama, but your mama LOVES drama.
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The VaJury: Cold Comforts

His girlfriend babies him A LOT when he's sick. How much is too much?
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Stuck In My Clothes

Ever try on something, and get helplessly stuck trying to get it off? It's a feeling women know all too well...
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Brilliant or Bonehead Bride?

She wants her bridesmaids to chip in for her dream wedding dress...brilliant? Or total bonehead?
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Jenn's Nanny's Wedding Dumpster Fire

She had to replace her wedding dress the morning of! And even worse, it was because of her own mother.
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Create Your Own "Ad"

These listener-written ads are hilarious! Inspired by a woman selling her wedding dress after her divorce, Jeff asked listeners to come up with ads for what they wish they could kick to the curb. Like that old guitar you tried so hard to be good at, or that Political Science Degree that can double...
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Gay Best Friend

Should You Change in Front of Your GBF?

Kim called Jeff & Jenn to ask for advice about her new gay friend, Eric, she met in a cooking class. Kim said they hit it off right away and he even dolled her up for a date with her husband. Her hubby was oooohing and ahhhing over how stunning she looked, until Kim told him her new gay besty,...
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