Sexy Readings

I have never heard a newscast sound so seductive and creepy at the same time!
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Kelly Cheese Can't Sound Nice

It's like Resting B!#*h Face...but for your voice. Can anyone help her come off nicer?
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Ghosthunting: With Melanie and James

Are we insensitive? Or did we get played? Who's in the right here?!
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Jenn's Conference Call Confession

Jenn signed Jeff up for something without him knowing, and she's REALLY hoping he won't be mad.
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Impressions of Men in Your Life

It's just plain funny to hear people impersonate the men in their lives. We know you do it, so share it with us!
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Kelly Cheese and Cat


Producer Kelly Cheese put on her best 1-900 voice to help promote this hilarious kickstarter project. It's called the 'LICKI Brush' & it's here to help you, "Lick your cat. Like a cat." This is not a joke. For all you cat lovers out there, do yourself a favor and check this out. You can thank...
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