Kelly Cheese Can't Kickball

It's one of those stories that's absolutely hilarious... but only because it's NOT happening to you.
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I Can't Take Them Anywhere

These stories of embarrassing people are too much. Humming during movies, fake-falling everywhere you go, the list goes on...
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Another Awesomely Awkward Jeff Moment

Jeff truly is the King of awkward, and today he managed to embarrass himself before it even hit 5am. Proud of you, Jeff...
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...And Then, There Was a Fart.

You might think you're too mature to laugh, but you'd be wrong...
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Bad First Impression

Worst First Impressions

Jenn was in a restaurant and witnessed the WORST first impression! A guy was in a business meeting trying to impress a couple, and he stands up to shake everyone’s hands. But, his suit jacket brushes up against a glass of water and it goes EVERYWHERE. Everyone grabs their technology and he tries to...
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