What The Florida

Jenn loves her homestate of Florida, if not for the sunshine then definitely for the "creative" criminals that seem to keep popping up.
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Where'd You Accidentally Leave Your Kid?

Producer Jeannine's parents accidentally left her at Sam's Club as a kid, did you or your parents ever forget somone?
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All The Feels: An All-American Edition

Happy Independence Day, America! We're celebrating the country with this special 4th of July edition of All the Feels.
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Scott Bachelorette

Scott Trask Reviews the Bachelorette - Hometown Dates

Our engineer, Scott Trask, reviews this week's episode where the guys take JoJo back to their hometowns and it's not without drama. Jordan takes JoJo back, and talks turn to how he is estranged from his famous brother, Aaron. Jordan doesn't want to talk about it too much, so JoJo talks to his other...
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Crying Baby

Home Alone: Is It EVER Okay to Leave Your Baby Alone?

Danielle and Michelle have been friends for 20 years, but they are in a fight right now. Danielle thinks Michelle is a horrible parent! Michelle has a 9 month old baby, and she hasn’t spent any time with her husband since the birth of her baby. Michelle thought it would be okay if she and her...
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Our Listeners Give Jenn Tips on Sneaking in Exercise

Jenn has been busy working since the launch of the Jeff and Jenn Show, and she is on mommy duty as soon as she gets home. So she hasn't had much extra time to exercise. Our listeners call in with tips of their own on how to sneak those workouts in throughout her day.
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Jenn's Running Shoes

Jenn Needs Exercise Advice!

Jenn finally has the gear but not the time! She has been super busy working since the launch of the Jeff and Jenn Show, and then she is on mommy duty as soon as she gets home. This leaves little time for extra things like exercise. So when should she do it? Our listeners call in with tips of their...
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Jenn at Work with Lauren and Reese

Missy from the 1950's!

After Jenn talked about being a working mom and breastfeeding, Missy called in to give her opinion on what moms should do. And they were ancient to say the least. 3 of the craziest things she said on the show was: 1. Women should be stay at home mothers until the child is 5. 2. Women should be the...
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