Fake-Post Friend-ervention

Did Jenn's friend go too far? Should she confront her?
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My Pet Knew I Was Pregnant

Turns out pets can tell when you're pregnant, and they do all sorts of weird things to show it too.
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American Midol

These stories of hormone-induced meltdowns will have you laughing in no time (and sobbing, and screaming, then laughing again, then maybe some more sobbing...)
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Everyone's got at least one thing to be grateful for, so share it with us and spread gratitude!
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The Fake-Pregnancy Dumpster Fire

Wouldn't it be funny to FAKE a pregnancy?! No actually. Probably not. But Elizabeth thinks otherwise!
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Struggling with Fertility? Jenn Understands

If you're struggling to have a baby, Jenn's been there and she wants you to know this.
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Jenn and Lauren

Jenn Opens Up about Her Fertility Struggles

Jenn's oldest daughter, Lauren, just turned 3 years old and they had a big party for her at their house with live animals! In honor of Lauren's 3rd birthday, Jenn opened up about her struggles with infertility and how hard it was emotionally to deal with the struggles of trying to get pregnant.
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Pregnant Woman

Should Pregnant Women Use Handicap Parking?

Jeff was talking to a pregnant woman while he was at Target, and he ended up confronting her over using handicap parking spaces while she's pregnant. The woman says the one thing she is going to miss most about being pregnant is using the handicap parking spaces to go places. But one of Jeff's...
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