Banning Disney Movies?

This Step Mom wants to ban Disney movies in her home, and she makes an interesting case!
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Tyler Perry Talks Boo 2 And Motivation With Jeff Dauler!

Jeff Dauler sat down with his buddy Tyler Perry to talk about the new movie "Tyler Perry's Boo! 2 - A Madea Halloween". Tyler tells Jeff, "When you find someone that just has "it", you bring that person onto the team. That's how we built this organization and this crew." And Tyler's team has been...
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Service Lets You See Movies in Theaters for Just $9.95

A new service will allow you to see as many movies as you'd like for a flat fee, and it's definitely affordable! How cool is this? Going to the movies is expensive. Tickets are $10-12 depending on the theater, and that adds up if you're a movie fan. The new service is called MoviePass, and for just...
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