Win a $1000 Makeover And You'll Be Drippin' In Finesse!

Here we are, a month or so into 2018… and you still haven’t hit your stride for the new year? Let’s fix that. Star 94.1 wants you to be Drippin' In Finesse with a $1000 style makeover at Perimeter Mall! Hair, makeup, nails… whatever you want… Plus a personal style consultation with a member of...
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Guess That Candy

Will JP win himself some cash? Or will he get shot in the face with a water gun?
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Jeff Got Played!

Jeff went out to a self-serve yogurt bar, and his total was $4.46. He paid with a $5, and when the kid tried to give Jeff his change, Jeff told him to keep it. The kid sarcastically said, "Wow, thanks a lot." As if he served Jeff, let’s not forget the place is a SELF SERVING yogurt bar. This made...
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