Star EXCLUSIVE | Meghan Trainor: "I threw up on my fiance after we got engaged."

Marino spent the afternoon on the phone with a pop star, as one does, and did this conversation ever get interesting! Meghan talks about her new song "No Excuses", and how excited she is to get back on the road. And little-known fact... she threw up on her fiance after they got engaged. Yep. Meghan...
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Special Guest Melissa Carter Joins The Show

The one and only Melissa Carter caught up with Jeff and Jenn about radio, parenting, her plans, and so much more!
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Four Things We Learned From Charlie Puth's Billboard Cover Story This Week

Charlie Puth just shared a ton of new insights about his life and career with Billboard Magazine for a brand new cover story. Yeah, we finally got to hear details about his rumored relationship with Selena Gomez.
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